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The Movie library

img16:9 WIDE:SCREEN is the place with wide and extensive collection of original DVDs and Blu-ray Discs where you'll get access to movies and series as great as Lewis Milestone's 1930 masterpiece "All Quiet on The Western Front", as fun as "Grease" and as inspiring as "It's A Wonderful Life."

By joining our movie library you’ll instantly extend your personal movie collection with +5500 titles. We carry a mixture of titles to savor your taste of entertainment. Laugh with Stewie Griffin; explore the world with Michael Palin and invite Jamie Oliver to your home.


Value for money - Rental Plans

16:9 WIDE:SCREEN stands for value for money. We are committed to a quality service by listening to our customers and constantly improving their experience through new service ideas. With our new Value Packs you get the best deal for your money. The more points you purchase the less money you spend on renting your favorite movies.


Spices from around the world

Open your eyes to a broad horizon and enjoy the wealth and tradition of world cinema. Travel through our wide collection of foreign and indie films. Taste great movies from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America and North Africa.


The Fun library: Novels coming to life!

imgAt 16:9 WIDE:SCREEN, we invite you not only to enjoy great literature beautifully translated to screen, but also to open your mind and please your senses by surfing through our newly added book library.

We hold at our showroom a great selection of unique book titles, a mixture of super hero comics, Japanese manga, graphic novels, simplified politics and titles that will sure make you burst into laughter.


Excitement that’s out of control: The HD factor

Hear the perfect sound, see the perfect picture and live the perfect high definition experience. Join the Blu-ray revolution.



  • We love to see our customers smile
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • We have fun sharing our passion
  • We are fresh and original



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