Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get to your store? Where is it located?

We are in Sweifieh, Amman. Close to the 7th circle, facing Wakalat street.Our address is: Abdulraheem Hajj Mohammed Street, Building 68. Check this map

I love your place, but it is hard to get there, Where can I park my car?

Now you can enjoy FREE Valet Service.

Also, Sweifieh is one of Amman's pedestrian friendly areas; you can park in one of the free parking spots surrounding our shop, and enjoy walking to our library.

I used to buy my movies from the 1 JD DVD place, what are you offering?

Beside the Original, High Quality movies, with special and bonus features, we offer a wide selection of rare, independent (indie) films , world cinema, classics, documentaries and Anime movies.

You also can count on us answering most of your movie queries.

But the pirated DVDs are so cheap?

Exactly, cheap in quality, why would you spend your money on cheap quality movies.

Almost 90% of pirated movies are filmed from the back of a movie theater, where you will not get sharp image or high quality surround sound.

At WIDE:SCREEN, the movie library, we offer rental packages with competitive prices.

What are your rental packages?

Check our rental plans, We also have great deals on special and collector edition packages.

I'm an old member, but didn't renew my membership for some time, is it still active?

Your account will never expire, and if you still have some credits, just visit us and enjoy renting your favorite movies.

When do I get to enjoy the newly released movies in cinema, on DVD or Blu-ray?

Once the movie is officially released on DVD and Blu-ray, you'll get to enjoy it at home.

What kind of titles do you hold in your library?

Our goal is to be the biggest movie library in town, where you can enjoy great timeless movies. Our 5500+ expanding collection of classics, documentaries, world cinema and Japanese Anime will sure satisfy your taste.

Today we hold more than 70% of all time great movies listed by The American Film Institute (AFI), more on the way.

Can I order titles you don't have in your shop?

Sure, just contact us at 06-5811627, or send us e-mail:

How can I get updates of the new released movies?

Join our facebook page, (link)

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I heard you have a book section, tell me more.

Our book corner holds a great deal of unique book titles; we are specialized in graphic novels. You will enjoy browsing real comics, Japanese Manga, amazing graphic novels, humorous titles and even a good selection of bestsellers.

Is it true that you have the biggest Manga collection in town?

That is true, our Manga section holds great deal of titles from your favorite Manga Series.

Can you get the previous Manga volumes of my favorite series?

We do our best to be updated and keep the latest volumes in-stock, if you wish to start from the very first volume of your favorite Manga, just let us know, and weíll provide you with these titles. Contact us at 06-5811627, or send us an e-mail:

What if I have some comments and feedback, whom should I contact?

Your feedback is important to us, check our feedback page, Or contact us at 06-5811627, or send us an e-mail:

How smart is Chuck Norris?

He's too smart that he counted to infinity - twice

Why your place is called 16:9, or WIDE:SCREEN?

16:9 is the new format of entertainment, all flat screens now support this format, and Blu-ray movies are released in this revolutionary format. This format gives you more in any image frame; therefore we look forward to being your new format of entertainment.

So many people are buying pirated DVDs, Do you think buying the pirated DVDs is unethical?

Think of it, would you steal anything and sell it? Would you like anyone stealing your belongings and selling it? Would you buy stolen goods (even for a cheap price)?. If everyone is doing the wrong thing, it will not make it right. Letís all work together and keep Ammanís reputation up and tastefull.

I have a Question?

We'll be glad to hear it and give you the best answer. Contact us.